Our Services

FPC “Stayer” SRL has its own fleet of machinery and equipment that can execute high performance works in any construction within either the interior – exterior, infrastructure, or complete construction. Thus it has managed to bring the country’s most powerful brands in building materials as well as implementation of the latest technologies.

  • Mechanization and motor transport

    Freight, Crane services, Bulldozer excavation services, Equipment rental, small mechanization, Rental staging, telescopic props…

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  • Networks and Facilities

    Installations and supply networks, water and sewerage for interior and exterior, Plumbing and heating networks, Plumbing and electricity supply networks…

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  • Construction and Assembly works

    General contractor Services, Construction and assembly services to apartment and industrial buildings, Buildings and constructions from prefabricated monolithic frames…

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  • Special Works

    Wooden Constructions (Buildings), Strengthening Structures, Protection works for constructions and machinery, anti-corrosion insulations…

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  • Finishing and landscaping

    Execution of interior and exterior finishing , exterior and interior plywood, floors, carpentry products, coatings, profiles and decorative objects…

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