About Company


FPC “Stayer” s.r.l. was founded in 1994 and is specialized in construction works, general contracting structures of reinforced concrete, finishing – exterior and interior, refurbishing existing buildings, metal constructions and technologies that meet the quality standards required in the execution of industrial and civil construction.
The main objective of the company is to satisfy the most demanding tastes of customers without lowering the quality and safety of the final product. The Company began operations with small-scale works, but the workmanship and the seriousness with which they approached contractual commitments with customers, have brought at least a share of confidence to recommend us for the new collaborations.


For achieving of the proposed objectives, the company is working under entrepreneurship and partnerships with accredited companies in the following fields: architecture, design, strength, special works of water supply and sewage networks, low voltage, conditioning and ventilation.
Also, FPC “Stayer” SRL has its own fleet of machinery and equipment that can execute high performance in any construction work within either the interior – exterior, infrastructure, or complete construction. Thus it has managed to bring the country’s most powerful brands in building materials as well as implementation of the latest technologies.


The Implemented management system in our company allows us to have an effective internal organization, working procedures clearly defined their role is increasing the quality of our work and thus satisfying our beneficiaries. The company currently has over 90 employees, professional and well-trained specialists, each in their field, to face any challenge.
Keeping a high quality standard of our work, we ensure maximum customer satisfaction, reduce costs and increase the prestige of our society. Each part of the work is carefully monitored, following procedures and quality standards. We demand the same quality standards of our partners and suppliers of materials.